Do It Yourself Kits

In addition to DIY kits, I'm also selling bulk paracord in 1000' lengths. Colors and quantities are limited. 

If you're just looking for the hardware, select the Panic Snap and/or Steel Bearing. If you're looking for the entire kit (includes paracord cut to length and the required hardware) select the kit.  The kits currently offered are for the Jarhead Paracord Standard Motorcycle Get Back Whip, Jarhead Paracord Double Ball Motorcycle Get Back Whip, 3/4" Monkeys Fists, and 1 1/16" Monkeys Fists. I do not currently offer a kit for the Jarhead Paracord Hidden Ball Motorcycle Get Back Whip.

Please note that the kits do not come with written instructions. They are designed for people with a knowledge or paracord and/or those that have watched my instructional "how-to" videos on YouTube. I have included a link to all of my videos under the Social Media tab on my website.

Enjoy and Paracord on!

Bulk Paracord 1000' Spools

I'm often asked "Where do you buy from?" The honest answer isn't an industry or trade secret. The majority of my purchases are made online through popular avenues such as eBay, Amazon, and/or directly to manufacturers and wholesalers. The only thing that makes me different is the quantity/volume. A buyer typically gets a better deal buying 200 1 1/16" steel bearings as compared to the average consumer looking to buy one. In fact, the price of some of the materials by themselves makes it prohibitive for some to try their hand at making a Jarhead Paracord style Motorcycle Get Back Whip or Monkeys Fist. This page is designed for my DIYers that have watched my videos and are looking to make a whip or in need of a specific piece of hardware. The prices set are just over my cost for the product and shipping. I'm certainly not trying to complete with the paracord wholesalers and retailers; I'm just trying to give people who've seen my work with a cost effective opportunity to try their hand at the craft.

DIY / Hardware

Bulk Paracord