This FAQ page was designed for Jarhead Paracord customers getting ready to make a purchase, those that have watched my "How To" videos are YouTube and are trying to make their own Paracord Get Back Whip in the Jarhead Paracord design/style, and those simply cruising the internet looking to further their knowledge or understanding of paracord and it's uses.  As new questions are presented I will add them to the list. Have a question that's not answered here please feel free to contact me.

Can you make me a whip using a Pool Ball or larger ball?  Unfortunately the answer is no. There are more than a couple of reasons why I don't offer this but the main one has to do with the type of knots that are used and my personal guarantee that comes with ever whip. The extra weight of the pool ball or larger diameter bearing causes extra tension on the knots and as it tightens in some areas it may loosen in another. The round and square knots that I use are just not the best choice for a whip of that style. I would recommend looking for a  paracordist that makes a plait style whip as that would be more appropriate. They're nice looking whips but just not my signature.

What are panic snaps? Panic Snaps are actually horse tack and provide a "quick release" by grabbing the lower end and pulling down. The panic snaps that I use are roughly 4 inches long and have a 1/2"-5/8" opening. You need to be careful as they do come with larger openings that may slide off the lever. Please keep in mind that the panic snaps that I use will fit on most levers; I'm only aware of one situation where the 1/2" snaps that I use were still too large.

How long should my whip be? This is a personal choice as some like their whips shorter whereas other like them longer. My recommendation is that you consider 2 things: 1) How your whip will fly around, and 2) How your whip sits on the ground. FIRST, you want to make sure that the length of the whip isn't going to interfere with any moving parts or your ability to successfully access and use the controls of the motorcycle. If you're adding ANYTHING to the lower end of the whip (beads, skulls, etc...) you'll want to make sure that those items won't come in contact with your saddlebags. This is a lesson that I learned the hard way when I made a longer whip for my bike with the sidecar.  SECOND, you want to consider the appearance of the whip while your parked. You don't want the whip so long that its laying on the ground. I like mine on the clutch side and just hanging above the ground when the handlebars are turned to the left.

Should I buy 1 or 2 whips? Again, this is a personal choice. If you're considering 2 whips and you want them to match, it would be best to order them both at the same time. Although I follow a basic pattern, no 2 whips will ever be alike. However, they'll be close if I make them at the same time.

I ordered a whip before but know I want another. What information will you need? Starting around October 2016, I started saving paracord scraps from each order and staple them to the completed documents. This allows me to reference your previous order in an attempt to color match your second whip. I'll also need the following information:

  • Length of the lower strands
  • Length of the lower end of the whip to the bottom of the monkeys fist
  • If you ordered a hidden ball whip, I'll need a picture of the tapered end
  • The length of the whip from the top of the ball to the bottom of the panic snap.

I may have other questions

Clutch or Brake Side? This is a personal choice. The business owner would like to tell you to buy two whips and fly them on both There is no right or wrong answer, It's your choice so whatever side you pick will be the right one.

How much paracord do you use in your whips or will I need to make a whip? That really depends on the intended length of the whip, the paracord used, and how tight you can pull the knots. On average one of my standard whips uses close to 80' for cord. Here is the approximate break down of what you would need for a 32"-35" whip.

2 pieces - 24' in length - monkeys fist and additional 2 strands

2 pieces - 8' in length - handle

4 pieces - 36" in length - lower strands

Total of 70'. These measurements are used to estimate the amount of paracord needed. The first 24' strand is for the monkeys fist. The second 24' strand can actually be shorter because its not being wrapped around the ball. Rather than cut 2 pieces that are 24' in length, I cut one, then feed the second piece through and cut it to the exact length that I need. I have never really measured this length. The same is true for the lower strands. Only 2 of the 4 need to be 36" as the other 2 are threaded in later.

If you're just starting out it's easier to "cut away" extra than it is to add to it.

What about the Hidden Ball? Same basic measures but the lower would start off with 2 pieces that are 64" in length and then subsequent pieces would be cut to length at each added level/strand.

How long are the lower strands? For the whips that I make it all depends on the length of the whip.  Mine usually range from 3-6 inches. 3 inches for 20"-28" whips, 4 inches for 29"-35" whips, 5 inches for 36"-40" whips, and 6 inches for 41" and up. These measurements and ranges are approximate as my whips are custom and no two are made exactly the same...unless they're made the same time. 

Can you add bullet casings to the lower ends of the whip? This is not currently and optional accessory available for purchase at from Jarhead Paracord. It is however certainly possible. The spent primer is removed or brass that has never had a primer installed are used. The paracord would be secured in the same manner as securing a skull or bead. The casing however would allow the paracord to be knotted and pulled through the casing to hide it. I've also seen some that crimp the projectile or bullet into the casing for appearance and/or weight purposes.

If I need to "add to" the cord, what is the best way to do it? Go to YouTube and look up "The Manny Method". It takes some practice and time but it is the strongest way to join 2 pieces of paracord. Unfortunately, simply melting 2 pieces together may fail on you later down the road.

Where do you start? Always start with the monkeys fist. Unlike plait braiding my whips start at the bottom and work up to the handle. If you're not including the monkeys fist in your whip, you can start at the top and then work your way down. 

What is the purpose of a Get Back Whip? It has many uses and meanings. Some use it no different than any other accessory to accent their motorcycle or to compliment colors of the bike. Some MC's or RC's will have them made in their club colors for the same purpose. As this does "fly" around as you're riding it will capture the attention of oncoming and passing traffic. While I'm riding, I often see people swinging wide or allowing more room between us as they pass. This is really noticeable on undivided 2 lane roads. As my whips are made with Paracord they can be unwound or untied in an emergency scenario and used to secure loose parts or loads in an emergency situation. I stress "emergency" situation as they don't deploy rapidly and it will take some time to take them apart. If paracord is good enough to fix the hubble space telescope, just think what you could do with it on and off your motorcycle.

Are Get Back Whips illegal?  First i need to state that I am not a lawyer nor am I a subject matter expert in regard to the legality of Get Back Whips worldwide. I say worldwide as I've made whips that have shipped to all 50 states, 1 US territory, and 3 foreign countries. All I can do is speak from personal experience. I have never personally been pulled over, cited, ticketed, charged, or had a whip confiscated by a LEO. I've also never had a single customer tell me that they were pulled over, cited, ticketed, charted, or had a whip confiscated by an LEO. My business is a mixture of individual customers and bulk club purchases which have included sales to LE, Military/Veteran clubs, and individuals holding security clearances. I personally believe that if you're the type of individual thats looking for trouble, you'll find it. If you're not looking for trouble, you won't find it.  I do know that California is enforcing a law that views Get Back Whips as a weapon. I had those customers ask about simply removing the ball but that's not a way around it as  they seem to be more concerned about the panic snap end of the whip. I don't know whats behind this enforcement but in all of my experience and the forums that I've red, California seems to the the only state with a hard enforcement. I've also read forums that included Illinois as an enforcement state but I've shipped plenty of whips there and personally haven't experienced any issues.  If you see others in your area with them, it's likely a sign of whether LE is taking an issue. You can also call your local PD and ask. If you're ever pulled over and questioned explain why you have it and what it means to you. Be honest. With that being said, I wouldn't hesitate for one second to defend myself with this or anything at my disposal.

Where can I buy paracord supplies? Most of them can be found on eBay or Amazon if you'd rather shop online. You may also look to purchase from the manufacturer or their retailers. The only difference between you and someone working in paracord everyday is the volume purchased and the price breaks resulting from that volume. The one thing that I would like to call your attention to is that all paracord is not created equal. Some are made with nylon, polyester, or a combination of both. Deciding which is right for you is a personal choice. If I have a choice (and sometimes you don't) I like working with polyester based paracord. Experiment and find what works best for you.

Why the skulls that attach to the monkeys fist more expensive than the ones attaching to the lower ends? With the exception of the samurai skull, my cost on the skulls is comparable. My costs are based upon materials and ease of installation. The process for attaching the skulls to the lower ends is much easier than working a skull into the monkeys fist so the cost reflects that.

Do you ship internationally? Yes I do but the "free shipping" only applies to domestic shipping within the US. International buyers should contact me with shipping information in order to quote the purchase price. As of 4/12/2016, international shipping is averaging $25.00 - $45.00. It's all based on how much the USPS charges for the shipping. 

How long until I receive my whip?  I don't control the orders coming in but I do ship my products in the order they came in. My website gets over 20,000 views annually and I've got a great product. My products page states please allow up to 12-14 weeks for delivery. COVID has delayed the shipping on supplies meanwhile orders have increased. Order times may take up even longer. Here is my committment to EVERY CUSTOMER. Orders are filled in the order they are received. If you placed and order you WILL receive it.

This is based upon the average time spent on each whip and the average number of orders placed each month. Each whip is custom made for every customer, they are not partially finished and pulled off the shelf when the order comes in. I do stock a large number of colors and hardware so unless you're ordering a non-stocked item or want me to include a customer supplied item, it's rare that your order will be delayed for materials. 

I usually see a spike in orders at the beginning of Spring and again during the holidays. As my storefront is online I don't have control of when orders are placed.  All orders are custom made and completed in the order they were placed. I commit to keeping my customers informed and providing tracking information when the order is completed.  Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions. This is a craft and if timeliness is a concern please contact me to see what the current wait is or visit my facebook page which is easier to update and pass information.

What's the best way to order? Using my website is the preferred method of ordering. Our website is setup with a cart feature powered by PayPal. Purchases through this feature can be made through your paypal account and/or via credit card. I also have the ability to send invoices for payment. This process will require an email or phone conversation so I can correctly calculate charges.

Be prepared for extended shipping times

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