Jarhead Paracord Original - Paracord Briefcase / Purse Strap for Headrests


How many times have you had a bag, briefcase, or purse sitting on the seat next to you only to have it fly to the floor when you stop suddenly? Well that won't be a problem any longer. This strap goes around the post of the headrest (headrest must be removed to insert the pole through the loop) and can be finished with a solid ring or a trigger snap. Pictured is a solid ring which will them have a separate trigger snap that attaches to the purse or briefcase with a cow hitch knot. The holder is small enough that it doesn't bother the passenger when you have one and it can be rotated out of the way.  Standard colors are available to match or highlight any interior. 

‚ÄčOur paracord stitched handles can be attached to any pack with a frame or area to attach the handle. This is a need for military surplus that wasn't designed with carrying handles. This one attaches to the frame with the handle on the left using a cow hitch and then comes with an extra piece of 550 cord to attach the right side with a simple knot. Use as a handle to move your pack around easily when your at your base camp. These handles routinely are sold in OD Green, Khaki, Desert Camo, Black, Navy, & Coyote Brown. Find yourself needing some paracord, just undo the stitching and you have close to 12' at your fingertips. 

Jarhead Paracord Original - ALICE Pack / Go Bag Handle

Headrest Handle

Ever wish you had another handle in the back seat? Wish no longer and pickup a set of our headrest handles today!